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The Gage House Apothecary is the place where healing and divinity unite through sisterhood, love, teaching, and magic! Step into this space filled with ancient memories, traditions, and so much love!

There is nothing—absolutely nothing—wrong with you! You are divine! You are not broken; you have simply forgotten who you are and your divinity. You are divine. You are magical. Come join me on this epic journey. Let’s heal, let’s remember, let’s be divine.

beautiful space

Isabel and Renee are delighted to offer you an invitation to The Apothecary—an enchanting, sacred, transformative, and inspiring haven that empowers you to release your façade and embrace your true, authentic self.

Their purpose in creating this space is to provide you with peace, serenity, and ample room for your personal journey.

powerful tools

Isabel, a talented magickal crafter, has selected a collection of exquisite tools to aid you on your spiritual journey. Her creations are not just objects; they are vessels of beauty, infused with intention and purpose.

From meticulously crafted ritual candles that ignite the flame of transformation to specifically chosen crystals, each tool is thoughtfully designed to assist you in your quest for spiritual growth. 

sacred Ceremonies

In this beautiful space together, we will be tapping into our Divine alchemy, the magick within us, and the power of the elements.

You, dear soul, are inherently divine. Every aspect of your being radiates with divinity. If you feel the beckoning to join us in this sacred space, it is simply a signal from your soul that it yearns to reunite with its true essence.

Come, join us on our events, where the power of sisterhood and transformation intertwines, and together, we bask in its profound strength through our spiritual journey.


Sacred & Beautiful Space



The apothecary


available at the apothecary

Sacred & powerful tools

Isabel, a master healer and skilled crafter, channels her profound wisdom and innate gifts into creating exquisite pieces imbued with intention, specifically tailored to support your healing and spiritual journey. Each creation that springs forth from her skilled hands carries a unique energy, carefully infused with love and purpose.

At The Apothecary, you will have the opportunity to acquire Isabel’s remarkable creations, ranging from enchanting candles that illuminate your sacred rituals to aromatic salts and oils that promote profound relaxation and inner balance. Her offerings extend even further, encompassing an array of meticulously crafted tools and talismans that harmonize with your energetic essence.


With Isabel’s creations gracing your sacred space, you will be enveloped in their transformative power, inspiring deep connection and personal growth on your spiritual path. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, as you explore the treasures crafted by Isabel, each a radiant embodiment of her devotion to your well-being.

Sacred & Powerful Ceremonies

Discover the enchantment that awaits you within The Apothecary, where extraordinary circles, transcendent ceremonies, and captivating experiences unfold. Immerse yourself in the sacred and powerful realm of our gatherings, where ancient rituals and profound wisdom intertwine. 

Allow your spirit to soar as you partake in these extraordinary moments of connection, growth, and transformation. 

Come, embrace the magic, and be an integral part of the mystical tapestry we weave in The Apothecary’s sacred space. Join us for unforgettable journeys that will leave an indelible mark upon your soul.

About US

Isabel Bonacci

My name is Isabel and I am the founder of Mind and Soul.

I am a Transformational Spiritual Coach, Mindset Coach, Teacher, Healer and Intuitive. I specialize helping others understand, heal, and transform their mindset and core beliefs in order to allow them to tap into the very highest version of themselves.

I am passionate about helping others remember/restore their rightful birthright of feeling Protected, Joyful, and Abundant.

My Certifications are:

  • Reiki Practitioner and Master.
  • Quantum Practitioner.
  • Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner.
  • Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner.
  • Crystal Energy Healer Practitioner.
  • Quantum Alchemist and Crafter.
  • EFT – Breathing Practitioner. 
  • Mindset Coach. 
  • Spiritual Teacher.
  • Human Design Practitioner.

And I am currently studying Shamanic Medicine, Astrology & Numerology.

I help others heal from past traumas, and teach them how to also navigate todays challenges by teaching them techniques that will allow them to live their best lives.

I am healer, but most importantly I am someone who knows and believes in our power to self heal. Together we can co create the life you have always wanted to live. We are not meant to do this alone!

Let’s reclaim your power together! I would be honored to be part of your extraordinary Journey.

Can’t wait to walk through this journey with you…



Renee Fischer

The first time my path crossed Isabell’s was when my pet peacock (Elvis) decided to move in with her rather than living with me.  I suspect it was because she fed him Cheerios and organic kale whereas I fed him chicken feed and table scraps.  I hadn’t met her face to face but we agreed by group text (aptly named The Peacock Protection Assembly) to share custody of Pepe (aka Elvis). 

The second time our paths crossed was the first day of my spiritual journey.  It was a day that I manifested something so intentional and so magical that it could not have been a coincidence.  It wasn’t something I manifested in a year or a month or a week.  It was something I manifested in a moment.  It was magic, alchemy, co-creation, manifestation, the Law of Attraction.  It was God, Source, Mother Earth giving me a sign that she was and is always connected to me and will act through me if I have faith.  It was the day I decided to embark on a spiritual journey to learn everything I could about magic and alchemy.  That was also the day I met Isabel’s husband Paul. 

When I met Paul I was so excited by the fact that I was definitely magic and probably a witch that I blurted out the whole insane story.  I sounded like a crazy woman and I was fairly certain he was going to call 911 to have me taken off his property but he just listed quietly and then said “My wife Isabel does things like that all the time.  She is magic too.” 

The third time our paths crossed was the first time I met Isabel in person and she told me something that I had always suspected; that unicorns, dragons and fairies were real.  It was at that moment that I knew I had reconnected with a soul sister that I’ve known and loved for many, many lives.  Through crazy events, synchronicities and serendipity the universe had reconnected us in this lifetime, as she always does.  I am grateful every day for her support, her generosity, her love and her sisterhood and I am beyond excited to partner with her to create a space of healing, peace and sisterhood at The Gage House Apothecary.

About me, I am the owner of Twisted Gypsies LLC, a business that renovates and manages vacation rentals and event spaces.  I’m a lawyer by trade and have practiced law in NYC for 23 years.  But my real soul calling, my passion, is creating sacred spaces where people can come and feel whole, at peace and supported.  Nothing makes me happier than having my spaces filled with laughter, love, healing and community.  I am also a practitioner in training under Isabel loving coaching.  I’m grateful and honored to have partnered with Mind and Soul to host events here at The Gage House Apothecary and I look forward to meeting you all.

Twisted Gypsies properties available for vacation or private events

The Historic Gage House

The Hideaway

Ell’s Room

Papa’s Place

The Gage House Apothecary

Coming Soon….

Darlas Clubhouse

The Magic Mirror

future EVENTS


Understanding Your Shadow - Chapter 1 (three part spiritual class)
with Isabel Bonacci

August 26th - 8:00 to 10:00 pm
The Apothecary at The Historic Gage House (circa 1719)
Brewster, New York 10509

Understanding Your Divine Power
Spiritual class with Isabel Bonacci

July 9th - 8:00 to 10:00 pm
The Apothecary at The Historic Gage House (circa 1719)
Brewster, New York 10509

Summer Solstice Grand Opening!

June 24th and 25th - 5:00 to 8:00 pm
The Apothecary at The Historic Gage House (circa 1719)
Brewster, New York 10509

*wine and cheese served

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